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The association is standards based but requires its members to provide a portfolio for each course to support the accreditation.  Even though we provide accreditation to International Schools, we have found that each school always has the right to evaluate courses to determine if a course can transfer to another school or college.  To provide documentation, we require our member schools to provide each course a portfolio of work for that course so that a school can accept our course work both on the name of the class as well as a portfolio of work that shows what was covered in the course.  A portfolio usually consists of a final project and intermediate work in support of the final project.

Our Standards that we require our members to adhere to are as follows:

Standard 1:  Goals, Leadership, Common School Direction, and an Improvement Plan Based on Needs

The school, leadership, teachers, students, and parents are guided by a clear mission statement that drives every decision made in  the school.

A Student-School improvement plan is in place and is a living document based on needs, feedback, and continuous evaluation to insure a plan that meets the future needs of the students.

School administration operates effectively.

Standard 2: Teachers, Curriculum, and Assessments including Validation of Improvement

Students learn so an external evaluation of progress is required.

Instructional design ensures that the curriculum is carefully chosen; is guided through the use of a qualify syllabus; and delivered by way of well-thought out lesson plans that include title, standards upon which they are based, “I can” objective statements, vocabulary, main activities, and assistance and enhancement strategies to handle the needs of those students who are struggling and those students who are excelling.

Teachers and instructional material provide an engaging experience for students.

Teachers are regularly observed and evaluated by experienced staff.

Teachers participate in an ongoing professional development program.

 Standard 3:  Student Support Services and Quality Facilities and Equipment

 Facilities are clean, adequate, and free of potential hazards.

Support staff are sufficient for the student body and provide services for academic planning, mental health, and counseling.

The accounting department maintains records and adheres to admissions and refunds policies.

Technology infrastructure provides quality tools for learning.

 Portfolio Supported

Portfolio supported means that each course has a major project and supporting assignments that together represent the portfolio of the course.   Institutions evaluating credit for a course are able to easily identify the learning objectives and match up what course the work qualifies.


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